“Receiving funding from Goldfields Children Charity has allow April to receive the intensive therapy in Perth that she needs to help her to stand, sit and walk. Everyone was so helpful and amazing to deal with. Would recommend if any child needs some financial assistance, they will be my first choice for the Goldfields.” Wise Family – 2019

“The team at the Goldfields Children’s Charity have been an amazing support for my son who required monthly visits to Perth. Taking our son out of school for two days every month was taxing enough on our family, and the GCC was able to provide the financial assistance required to ease the burden so we could focus on our son. This allowed him to be a better version of himself. Their support is much appreciated”

“Our nightmare became real on the 1st February 2019 when we were flown to Perth Children’s hospital via Royal Flying Doctors where sometime in the night we were devasted with the news that our otherwise healthy 3.5 year old son had Leukemia. We were left with this bombshell and told that the following Tuesday he would undergo a bone marrow aspiration and a number of tests to determine exactly what time and what the plan for treatment would be. This wait was to be the beginning of our traumatic, exhausting and stressful next 12 plus months…… Bailey was diagnosed as high risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and would require extensive chemotherapy for a minimum of 12 months, during this time we were not permitted to take him any more than a 1 hour trip from PCH.

Without the support of charity organisations such as the Goldfields Children Charity we would have been not only devasted with this news and isolated from our family and friends in Kalgoorlie, but financially unable to find our way forward. We have been extremely lucky to have been able to lean on this foundation to provide us with much needed assistance towards our living expenses in Perth whilst we also maintain our home in Kalgoorlie.

We hope that in April 2020 we will be able to bring Bailey back to Kalgoorlie – he has missed so many things whilst we have been in Perth for treatment, most of all starting kindy and socialising with kids his own age. Although we will have to travel to Perth each month for treatment for the next 12 months, we look forward to a time when we can give him back his childhood….. “

Andrew, Kellie and Bailey Smallacombe

The Goldfields Children’s Charity have been amazing on our journey with our son. Our lives were turned upside down when our son got diagnosed with a Wilms Tumour in 2018. They have been able to help us to get home with fuel vouchers for us to see our friends and family to get through our journey. Nothing is ever to hard for this amazing committee. We were flown by RFDS to Perth and we were housed at Ronald McDonald House for 4 weeks they feed us so we didnt have to worry about food and clean clothes or a bed and being able to put all our attention to our fight ahead. To top our journey off Timmy Bear attended our little boys 4th Birthday It just made his day. All he wanted was to be able to spend his birthday with his mates and we were able to achieve this with the support of this amazing team and their ongoing support they still provide to us. So from the bottom our heart we thank you.

The Luke Family

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